PMR-024 "Shut Yo' Mouth!" © 1987

Slam Stewart
Acoustic Bass and Vocal
Major Holley
Acoustic Bass and Vocal
Dick Hyman
Acoustic Piano and Hammond Organ
Oliver Jackson

Tomorrow 3:00
by Charles Strouse and Martin Charnin
I Love You 6:07
by Harlan Thompson and Harry Archer
Would You Like to Take A Walk? 4:45
by H. Warren, B. Rose, M. Dixon
Side By Side 5:01
by Harry Woods
Close Your Eyes 3:30
by Bernice Petkere
Undecided 3:35
by Charles Shavers, Sid Robin
Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams 3:44
by T. Koehler, B. Moll, H. Barris
Misty 5:01
by Erroll Garner
My Blue Heaven 4:09
by Walter Donaldson and Richard Whiting

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I Love You
Would You Like To Take A Walk?
Side By Side
Close Your Eyes
Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams
My Blue Heaven

The irreverent title of this wholly delightful album captures just one aspect of its unique ambiance: the humor. But there is also subtlety and sophistication involved in this meeting between two great originals, not to mention swing… They go together like bacon and eggs.

All told, this is an irresistible record, proving beyond dispute that humor and genuine musicality are more than compatible. Alas, that is a truth too seldom celebrated in jazz today. Which is just one more reason to be grateful to all concerned in serving up this savory dish of jam and jive.
Dan Morgenstern

This delightful record joins two fine bassists who hum or sing while they bow… Versatile pianist Dick Hyman and drummer Oliver Jackson round out the session.

Humor and great playing are apparent on a number of classic songs, including “Misty” and “Undecided.” The big surprise is the opening cut, “Tomorrow,” the… song from the musical Annie. Here it gets a complete, amusing facelift. The title cut is a lyric rewrite of “Close Your Eyes.”
Ken Dryden, Chattanooga News-Free Press

Slam Stewart and Major Holley are two seasoned pros who know almost everything about playing bass, both plucked and with the bow, and are also adept at the difficult art of singing and playing the same lines in unison.

This skill, coupled with their interaction, make Shut Yo’ Mouth both unusual and highly entertaining.

Stewart takes the higher-pitched leads, and Holley answers with a deeper, gutter refrain. They do standards like “My Blue Heaven” and “Side by Side,” show tunes, one or two more obscure jazz pieces, and work with drummer Oliver Jackson and keyboardist Dick Hyman to make music that’s humorous in places, but never less than first-rate and very authoritative. You won’t hear a funnier, as well as enjoyable, album spotlighting twin basses anywhere.
Ron Wynn, The Sunday Post

The cavernous, subterranean sounds are striking in their boldness and wit. Cavorting with interactive glee… Stewart and Holley have created a one-of-a-kind showcase that will endure for its novelty as well as musical value.
Chuck Berg, Lawrence Journal-World

The music of this lp is special for its joyous, graceful and swinging demeanor – but more so because it is the genuine article of a vintage that is increasingly rare in jazz.
W.A. Brower

The trouble with most of the jazz you hear today is that it’s no fun anymore. The musicians don’t seem to be having a good time, so how can you expect the listeners to have a good time? That’s why [Shut Yo’ Mouth], despite the recording date of 12/6/81, is the best record of 1987… And these stars… Slam and Major… shine brightly indeed.
Joe H. Glee, The Mississippi Rag

Witty jive.
Jack Burke, Stevens Point Journal

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