PMR-018 "A Very Rare Evening" © 1979

Nina Simone

Vocals and piano
Weldon Irvine
Al Schackman
Gene Perla
Don Alias
Emedin Rivera
Congas & Percussion
Gina Rothchild, Doris Willingham

In the Morning (Barry Gibb) 3:42
Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season) (Music by Pete Seeger) 4:30
To Love Somebody (Barry and Robin Gibb) 2:34
Ain't Got No/I Got Life (James Rado, Jerome Ragni and Galt MacDermot) 5:16
The Other Woman (Jesse Mae Robinson) 5:56
I Think It's Going to Rain Today (Randy Newman) 4:37
Save Me (Curits Ousley, Aretha Franklin and Carolyn Franklin) 3:10
Revolution (Weldon Irvine and Nina Simone) 6:10

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In The Morning
Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season)
To Love Somebody
Ain't Got No/I Got Life
The Other Woman
I Think It's Going to Rain Today
Save Me

Anything by this lady of song is welcome, especially when she's in front of an adoring audience, as she is in these decade-old, never-released sides. Simone covers all bases from Barry Gibb's "In The Morning," to Pete Seeger's adaptation from the Book of Ecclesiastes, "Turn! Turn! Turn!" She gives special meaning to such tunes as the poignant "The Other Woman," the gospel inflected "Save Me," and "I Think It's Going To Rain Today." But the highlight is her own tune, composed with keyboardist Weldon Irvine, Revolution."
Cash Box

Simone infuses pop material with a compelling power and depth of emotion. The arrangements are rhythmically adventurous.
William H. Lieberson, The Swinger

A 12-year-old date that you can really call at long last deserved. It shows one of those shows where everything goes down so right that you almost hate for it to come to an end.
Midwest Record Recap

Consider Nina Simone, and be heartened.
Nina Simone is, in a pop scene of pitiful plagiartists and pseudo-intellectual bandwagoners, a great original. Her voice is hot chocolate or angostura bitters, as full of contrasts as her songs, which are declamatory sermons driving straight into the dilemmas of our age, or quiet personal cries of joy and lament about the business of living. She is an intensely dramatic singer and painist, able to subdue a hall instantly; a detached and inviolate kind of artist.
Derek Jewell

Then there's the crème de la Simone crème: A Very Rare Evening, recorded in Europe in April 1969...and the Hair medley “Ain't Got No/I Got Life" as exquisitely performed on Rare Evening.
Jazz Times, September 2005

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