PMR-016 "Evol-ution, Love's Reverse" © 1979

Sonny Greenwich
Don Thompson
Gene Perla
Claude Ranger

Time-Space (Sonny Greenwich) 6:55
Prelune (Sonny Greenwich) 9:45
Emily (Johnny Mercer and Johnny Mandel) 2:02
Nica's Dream (Horace Silver) 8:12
Day is Night to Some (Sonny Greenwich) 4:40
Evol-ution, Love's Reverse (Sonny Greenwich) 6:50

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Nica's Dream
Day is Night to Some
Evol-ution Love's Reverse

Despite rare appearances, Greenwich is one of Canada's truly major jazz figures.... a passionate soloist who has developed both hiso wn technique and musical language.
Peter Goddard, The Toronto Star

On one hand Sonny Greenwich is a powerhouse of improvisational jazz guitar, and on the other he is a tremendous song craftsman. His lines are lyrical, even when they may often require some digestion before the listener can make the connection between their direction and that of the melodies presented by bassist Gene Perla and pianist Don Thompson. Reaching into all areas of soloing and using a number of picking variations, Greenwich showcases some of his finest composition and improvisation work on the opening track, "Time-Space." The remaining five pieces are no less awesome -- true testimony to his ability to balance improvised and preconceived lines with exceptional finesse.
TM, Guitar Player

Sonny's mystical sound, especially combined with his own compositions, is guaranteed to put you in a trance with no outside help... Hats off to PM for releasing this one.
Willard Jenkins, Jr., Cleveland J.R.

In a recital of pieces from the jazz repetoire, popular standards, and his own compositions, he demonstrates that his distinctive approach can be equally effective in a variety of musical contexts.
C.J.S., Jazz Echo

Mr. Greenwich's compositions tend to have a serpentine circuitous and spacey nature about them with the guitarists giving the illusion of jumping in and out midair, so to speak, with his improvisations. Yet with all the lightness and movement Greenwich plays with a pleasant, almost seductive, fat sound which gives great substance to his almost mystical and transitory improvisatory lines... There is plenty to listen to here and repeatedly so.
Bob Rusch, Cadence

He's fast as lightning and he writes interesting things. He's assisted here by piano, bass and drums but the way the music comes out you'd swear it was more people.

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